PPC & Social Media Ad Management Packages

PPC & Digital Advertising

Maximize Your Reach with Targeted PPC & Social Media Advertising

Elevate your business with KEYWEST.MARKETING’s specialized PPC and Social Media Ad Management packages. Tailored to fit businesses at every stage, these packages are designed to amplify your online presence, attract targeted traffic, and convert clicks into customers. Our expert team leverages local knowledge and global strategies to deliver impactful results.

Basic Ad Boost Package – “Starter Ad Plan” – $300/month

Objective: Get started with targeted advertising to increase visibility and drive initial traffic.
Services Include:
    • PPC Advertising: Setup and management of Google Ads with keyword research and bid optimization.
    • Social Media Ads: Management of Facebook and Instagram ads, focusing on audience targeting and engagement.
    • Monthly Reporting: Performance reports with insights and recommendations.

Advanced Ad Growth Package – “Business Ad Expansion Plan” – $600/month

Objective: Expand your reach and grow your audience with enhanced advertising strategies.
Services Include:
    • PPC Advertising: Comprehensive management of Google Ads and Bing Ads with A/B testing and conversion tracking.
    • Social Media Ads: Advanced management of ads on multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).
    • Bi-Monthly Reporting: Detailed analytics and performance insights with actionable recommendations.

Professional Ad Strategy Package – “Strategic Ad Growth Plan” – $900/month

Objective: Sharpen your competitive edge with strategic, multi-platform advertising campaigns.
Services Include:
    • PPC Advertising: Full-scale management of PPC campaigns across multiple platforms with advanced targeting and retargeting strategies.
    • Social Media Ads: Full management of social media advertising with custom strategies for each platform.
    • Conversion Tracking & ROI Reporting: In-depth conversion tracking and monthly ROI analysis.
    • Monthly Strategy Review: Regular strategy sessions to review performance and adjust tactics.

Premium Ad Dominance Package – “Market Leader Ad Plan” – $1200/month

Objective: Dominate your market with a comprehensive, advanced advertising strategy.
Services Include:
    • PPC Advertising: Full-scale management of PPC campaigns across multiple platforms with sophisticated targeting.
    • Social Media Ads: Advanced social media campaign strategies on multiple platforms.
    • Conversion Tracking & ROI Reporting: Comprehensive ROI analysis and performance optimization.
    • Quarterly Strategy Review: Regular competitive analysis and strategy adjustments.

Custom Ad Success Package – Price Varies

Objective: Get a bespoke advertising solution tailored to your unique business needs.
Services Include:
    • Custom Service Mix: A combination of PPC, social media advertising, and any additional services required.
    • Flexible Budgeting: Pricing and service structure tailored to your specific goals.
    • Personalized Reporting: Custom-developed strategies with ongoing adjustments and detailed reporting.
Each package is infused with our local know-how and is backed by data-driven strategies to ensure your business not only meets but exceeds its digital marketing goals. Ready to see real results? Let KEYWEST.MARKETING be your guide to navigating the digital landscape.

Take the next step towards your business’s future—explore our packages below and let’s start a conversation on how we can help you achieve digital greatness!

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